Mobile PAC Code

A PAC code or “Port Authorisation Code” allows you to move your mobile phone number from one network to another. If you want to move to a different mobile network, you don’t need to switch to a new phone number. It’s actually really easy to take your number with you. On this site, we explain all about PAC codes and how they work as well as the best way to get your PAC code and port your number to a different network completely free. You’ll find that getting your PAC code and keeping your phone number is really simple.

To start by getting your PAC code, choose your current network from the menu above or click the appropriate link below:

Get your PAC code:

If you have your PAC code and want to port your mobile number into a new network, just use the menu above or click the following links. We’ve also included information about each network, coverage and signal details and have come up with some exclusive offers for you to check out before you switch.

Port your number into a different network

Finally, if you want to learn more about PAC codes or are having difficulty getting your PAC code, check out our FAQs:

Frequently asked questions

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